Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Little Things

love youa blog // thankful

Dim Sum reminds me of great times with my family. On Sundays after church we'd all meet in Chinatown and easily fill up two tables. My nephews who were babies and toddlers at that time would be either sitting on their mother's lap flinging their little arms around for one of us Aunties to pick them up or patiently sitting and ready to eat. They were always so excited to see us just as we were happy to smoother them with kisses. As the carts of delicious food made their way around to our tables, we'd all take turns politely selecting our dishes over the noise of chatter and dishes being collected. Towards the end of our meal the boys would get fussy and to alleviate my siblings from parent duty the Aunties would take turns showing the boys the fish tank which was always a hit.

Looking back dim sum on Sundays were so hectic but so great. I miss my nephews being so little and adorable and I miss that point in time when we were all together and hadn't completely grown into our own little families yet. 

love youa blog // thankful

Dim Sum // Eastern Pearl

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