Wednesday, February 8, 2017


For the past six months I've been tweaking my lifestyle and schedule to build more efficiency into my day. I will have to say this does not make me a very fun person to be around. With time, my goals continue to be aggressive however my energy is limited. If I'm not discipline with my day, it's much easier to get distracted or burnt out. Here are ten things I'm currently doing that's keeping me on top of my game:
  1. Getting at least eight hours of sleep every night.
  2. Having a consistent morning routine: gratitude journal, mediate, yoga sculpt and then my day begins. 
  3. Understanding what foods work well with my body and fueling it with that.
  4. Drinking a ton of water. 
  5. Thought downloads
  6. Doing one thing every day that gets me closer to my goal / dream. The secret of your success is found in what you do daily; I read that once on Pinterest. 
  7. Blocking hours at a time on my calendar for the top three things I want to accomplish and giving myself a break in between.
  8. No alcohol. Nope, not even wine. And I also gave up coffee. See #2 and #3.
  9. Making a handful of commitments, scheduling it into my calendar and making it nonnegotiable. At the end of the week I do a quick review to see what worked, what didn't and make adjustments for the upcoming week. 
  10. Taking a social media detox. This is my biggest distraction and time killer. If I need a mental break I simply read a book; something I always say I never have enough time for. My books are loaded on my phone so they're easily accessible. 

Photographs inspired by Vilhelm Hammershøi's painting,“Woman Seen from the Back” (1888)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Los Angeles

I love escaping to LA during the cold winter months in Seattle. This year we did just that over the New Year celebration. As 9 to 5’ers we were out of PTO and had to pick somewhere quick and easy. For us that usually means somewhere in California. The past couple of times we’ve been to LA we’ve stayed in Koreatown. It’s centrally located to everything, in a walkable neighborhood and has the best late night Korean food.

These photographs are shot on my Diana with Lomography Color Film. I wanted to show LA in a retro and colorful way; just how I've envision it. These images are of LACMA, the streets of Koreatown and in the back of the Uber cruising by beautiful homes.