Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Blues

Double Exposure - Space Needle

Double Exposure // Seattle Center Fountain & Trees

After a jammed pack three day weekend celebrating the 4th of July I suffered the worse case of the Monday Blues today. Surprisingly this morning I woke up earlier than usual and headed into work however once at my desk and loaded with coffee my mind had the hardest time focusing. Instead of plugging away at my heavy to do list my mind was on my beau. For some reason my heart tugged with thoughts and wishes of being with him more so than finishing any urgent task or deadline. I fought these feelings until noon when I finally gave in to some lunch. On my way to grab something to eat I sent him a quick text to wish him a great day. Maybe I was too hungry to concentrate I thought. Three hours after finishing (the only thing so far in my day) my lunch and a text message with a line of anything heart and kisses emoji from my beau (yes, I love emojis) I still couldn’t concentrate so I resorted to my least favorite but always successful option: a run. Three miles later and I muster the willpower to return to my desk and finish a few important things. A few hours goes by and I see my phone light up from the corner of my eye. It’s a message from my beau asking about dinner plans tonight. Is it possible that something so mundane can make me so happy? Yes! I grab my things and call it a day.

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