Friday, May 27, 2016

Great Company Over a Long Weekend

The past few days have been full of wanderlust after hearing from friends about their plans for the upcoming long weekend. As we approach the long weekend ahead, I'm reflecting back on the last trip I had. It was sometime in early April, my beau and I backed our overnight bags and jumped into our car embarking a 4 and 1/2 hour drive to join some friends in Walla Walla for some wine tasting. We had so much fun tasting from one winery to another with the weather being as perfect as it was and with the great company of our friends. Below are photographs and notes on our experience in Walla Walla.

_________________ STAY __________________

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-1 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-5 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-6 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-7 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-8 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-9

_________________ EAT __________________

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-2 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-32 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-33

* * * * * *

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-3 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-4

_________________ TASTE __________________

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-12 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-22 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-10 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-11

Amavi has amazing views of the mountains. Right below the winery is Waters; a must visit. 

* * * * * *

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-23 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-19 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-20WallaWallaFriendsWknd-18 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-21 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-28 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-25 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-24 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-26 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-27

* * * * * *

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-13 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-14 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-15 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-17

An adorable winery dog who followed me around thinking I had treats while his friends, who knew better, were resting unamused.

* * * * * *

Cayuse Vineyards 

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-29 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-30 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-31

All images shot on Kodak Tri-X 400 film. 
Developed and scanned at Panda Lab. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Dose of Happiness at Mercer Street Books

During my lunch breaks I love to wander around Mercer Street Books. This place reminds me of my elementary school library in some ways. As you enter the store there is a wooden desk to your right, this is where you check-out / pay for your books. Straight ahead is an old wooden filing drawer that once held index cards detailing information on how to find a book. Today it holds office supplies (I checked). Some of the books have a plastic cover over them to prevent damage. All that's missing is the dewey decimal system! Remember that? Find your book by looking up the name of the author's last name then by title, follow the dewey decimals.

MercerStreetBooks-1 MercerStreetBooks-2   MercerStreetBooks-5 MercerStreetBooks-4 MercerStreetBooks-6

MercerStreetBooks-9   MercerStreetBooks-11


Under the photography section, I was happy to find so many Ansel Adams books. There was The Negative, The Print, Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs and Ansel Adams: Letters and Photographs. I couldn't decide on which to get and after much page flipping and going back and forth I settled for Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs. I'm always interested in the thought process behind the photographs photographers make especially someone has great as Ansel Adams. I can't wait to get started on this book.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Le Pichet

Last week I visited Le Pichet on three separate occasions: lunch on Wednesday with a colleague, Friday afternoon with the company of my camera and Saturday morning brunch with my beau. It was during the course of Wednesday's lunch that I visualized in my mind all the photographs I would take: the light dancing through the restaurant, the chalkboard with hand-written specials and the delicious food so simply plated. I wanted those images in my mind turned into photographs; it also helped that I am always craving their amazingly quiche. On Friday I went back with my camera and appetite.

Le Pichet is a french bistro located by Pike Place Market and within walking distance from home. I love the small cozy restaurant feel to it; it's a great place to people watch or bring a good book to enjoy over a glass of wine.

LePichetSeattle-18LePichetSeattle-14 LePichetSeattle-7 LePichetSeattle-12 LePichetSeattle-6 LePichetSeattle-3LePichetSeattle-2 LePichetSeattle-10 LePichetSeattle-8LePichetSeattle-11 LePichetSeattle-9 LePichetSeattle-13

The Food // Simple dishes with great ingredients.

My favorite things to order:
  • Oeufs Plats Jambon Formage Two eggs broiled with ham and gruyere 
I try to recreate at home the great dishes I come across at restaurants that I love. Luckily I found this recipe from Le Pichet's Blog and cannot wait to try it.
  • Grande Assiette Full sized plate with up to 5 items of your choice, or the Chef’s selection of 8 different items, served with cornichons. Always go with Chef's selection. 
  • Quiche Special Vegetarian or Spinach and Ham  
  • Rosé Light and Delicious; easily drinkable on warm sunny days
  • Pain et beurre Half baguette, butter, confiture Complimentary and a must have. The butter is amazing. 

LePichetSeattle-5 LePichetSeattle-15 LePichetSeattle-17LePichetSeattle-16 LePichetSeattle-4

1933 1st Avenue
 Seattle, Washington 98101