Thursday, May 28, 2015

Le Caviste

It was after 5pm on a Thursday and I was sitting in my Uber watching pedestrians walk faster than the speed I was moving. A hint of annoyance creeps in as I made a mental note to myself about this being the exact reason why I stay in Queen Anne. Seattle isn’t that big of a city where going to another neighborhood such as Downtown could be such a trek but Seattle has become more populated making traffic ridiculous from one neighborhood to the next. Somewhere between Denny and 5th I jump out of my Uber and decided to walk. I was going to be even more late than the extra 20 minutes I had initially estimated.

Whenever one of us is in Downtown we like to meet up at Le Caviste. This has become me and my beau's new favorite wine bar and french spot since the shut down of Le Zinc which by the way deserves a blog post sometime in the near future. We discovered this place the way we typically discover any new restaurant: we were walking by one evening after a night of out and noticed it. My favorite thing about Le Caviste is the duck salami which by the way I didn’t know existed. It’s so good!

I am so happy that the days are longer with more light because I can finally shoot indoors again. I tried to capture the shadows on the wall the light was creating, the ambience and our delicious charcuterie plate…

Le Caviste-8 Le Caviste-3 Le Caviste-4 Le Caviste-1 Le Caviste-2 Le Caviste-5 Le Caviste-7 Le Caviste-6 Le Caviste-11 Le Caviste-9 Le Caviste-10 Le Caviste-12

Le Caviste
1919 7th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101