Monday, November 26, 2012


I write love letters to my beau, my niece and bestfriend as frequently as I can. I'm one of those people who don't like to save up all my appreciation and express them only on Thanksgiving or any other holiday. I believe a big part of that has to do with losing my father at such a young age - it has taught me to never take for granted the people I love... the amazing people in my life.

This year I have been so blessed! I have so much to be thankful for... my family is doing well and is in good health, I've gotten to see a bit more of the world with my travels... and so on...

Sometimes it's difficult for me to blog because I'm not the best at words... however, I want to thank you for reading. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bridesmaid Dress

I'm so happy for my sister who just got engaged this past summer. After a few months of informing family and friends, the planning of the big day is beginning. This past weekend we went shopping for my sister's wedding dress. Although we were mistaken as twins growing up, my sister and I could not be any more different. She is the girl next door, always considered as 'one of the guys', played sports all her life and she participates in fantasy football!!! Her style is simplistic and romantic... and she is nothing close to a bridezilla, thank goodness!

As I was waiting for my sister in between trying on dresses, I checked out the bridesmaid dresses and unfortunately, I didn't see anything I really liked or care for. Because my sister is so chill, she's okay with her bridesmaid picking a dress that flatters their body as long as the colors are consistent.. so not a bridezilla right? I've photographed a few bridal fashion shows in the last three years so after no luck at the bridal boutiques, I came home and looked through my archive of photos and ran across this bridesmaid dress. I love the lace on this dress, the pleating on the bodice and the cinch waist. What do you think...?

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Hop, Skip and Ferry Ride Away...

to Whidbey Island. Sometimes the beau and I get a little tired of the noise, lack of greenery and dirty street smells better known as the city and a little getaway is much needed. We are pretty lucky we can easily escape to another country, state, and in this case island within a few hours of driving. On this particular occasion, we visited a friend's home on the beautiful waters of Whidbey Island and had the most romantic scenery anyone could ask for...

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Weekend Is Here

I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!
Love, Youa

P.S. This photo was taken from my backyard.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Brunch at Art

After sleeping in to my heart's desire, one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to find a good place to have some yummy brunch. This past weekend we did just that. Art is a restaurant tucked inside the Four Seasons Hotel near the Pike Place Market. On a late Saturday morning its typically not too busy or loud which is very uncommon at many of the popular brunch places in Seattle. I love the big windows that allow lots of natural light, the friendly staff and the quiet dining that allows me to hear my beau or my own thoughts...