Friday, July 10, 2015

Night Changes

Most of my editing and blog posts are done right before bed. I wonder if that has any influence on my recent sway towards dark moody images such as these black and white peonies I shot a couple of months ago. These were taken on my digital camera which I rarely touch anymore and it makes complete sense as I was just trying to tweak them to look like film prints.  

So I'm sitting here editing while listening to the Pop Chill Playlist on Spotify when it plays this catchy song that I automatically start to like so I check out the playlist and it turns out to be a One Direction song! I tried really hard not to like it but I can't help it. It's so sweet!!! So I'm accepting it and dedicating this post to it.

B&W Peonies-1-3 love youa blog // b&w peonies B&W Peonies-2-2 B&W Peonies-3-2 love youa blog // b&w peonies

We're only getting older baby 

And I've been thinking about it lately 
Does it ever drive you crazy 
Just how fast the night changes? 
Everything that you've ever dreamed of 
Disappearing when you wake up 
But there's nothing to be afraid of 
Even when the night changes 
It will never change me and you

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