Wednesday, January 21, 2015

City of Bath

Bath Bath Bath Bath Bath Bath Bath
Bath, UK | September 2014
Taken on Kodak Porta 400 film

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Beginning, of Anything You Want


This year...
  1. I'm going to shoot more still life photos. 
  2. Post my work regardless if I don't completely love it.
  3. Take a calligraphy class and hand write more love letters.
  4. Every morning, spend an hour of solitude journaling.
  5. Make an effort to see the people I love more often. 
  6. Spend time with my Hasselblad. 
  7. Embark more adventures with my beau. 
  8. ... and more girls' trip.
  9. Learn how to bake 'healthy' donuts. 
  10. Visit South Korea and Japan. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Flowers at the Met Market

I carry my simple 35mm film camera with me and take my time going through the roll of film. I love documenting the small details of my days.  As time goes on and I accumulate rolls of film, I tend to forget what I've captured. It's always a treat spending time in the darkroom or picking up my rolls of film; the anticipation of seeing my images makes my heart race a little.

I recently got some film back from the lab and completely forgot about these photos. The details of this day were of flowers at my local store, Metropolitan Market during a grocery shopping trip. I've always loved their selection and the care they took of their flowers; it really shows. Aren't their flowers so beautiful?

Met Market Met Market Met Market Met Market Met Market Met Market Met Market

Metropolitan Market | Lower Queen Anne
Shot on Kodak Porta 400 film. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This past fall I got the pleasure of meeting Diane von Furstenberg at the Elliott Bay Book Company. where she was signing her new book, "The Woman I Wanted to Be". I first learned of Diane during fashion design school for her creation of the wrap dress. During a research paper I was writing about her, I came across something she said that stuck with me all these years: ‘I didn't always know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the kind of woman I wanted to be.’

I've always been envious of those people who were born to know their exact purpose because I was so far from having a single clue. I went to school for several things; business, fashion and photography and found that I loved aspects of business but it lacked some of the creativity I was looking for. Now I think I'm pretty close to finding that perfect balance of both in my life but without knowing myself and what I truly wanted, it was much harder.

Reading Diane's book was like catching up with an old friend. Hearing all the great stories that you missed out on, receiving good advice, and sharing secrets that you wouldn't normally share at a dinner party. I was halfway through the book when I attended the book signing. I arrived at the bookstore 10 minutes prior to her. As I was paying for my hard copy (I now have a kindle and hard copy), I caught Diane walking around the bookstore. I wouldn't have noticed her had it not been for her hair; she has very distinct voluminous hair. I followed her around the bookstore like a paparazzi with my 35mm film camera and took pictures of her. She was friendly and kind to the women who stopped her to say hi. She graciously posed for photos and wasn't bothered by the crowd.


Shot on Kodak Tri-X 400 film. Developed and scanned at home.