Monday, May 23, 2016

Le Pichet

Last week I visited Le Pichet on three separate occasions: lunch on Wednesday with a colleague, Friday afternoon with the company of my camera and Saturday morning brunch with my beau. It was during the course of Wednesday's lunch that I visualized in my mind all the photographs I would take: the light dancing through the restaurant, the chalkboard with hand-written specials and the delicious food so simply plated. I wanted those images in my mind turned into photographs; it also helped that I am always craving their amazingly quiche. On Friday I went back with my camera and appetite.

Le Pichet is a french bistro located by Pike Place Market and within walking distance from home. I love the small cozy restaurant feel to it; it's a great place to people watch or bring a good book to enjoy over a glass of wine.

LePichetSeattle-18LePichetSeattle-14 LePichetSeattle-7 LePichetSeattle-12 LePichetSeattle-6 LePichetSeattle-3LePichetSeattle-2 LePichetSeattle-10 LePichetSeattle-8LePichetSeattle-11 LePichetSeattle-9 LePichetSeattle-13

The Food // Simple dishes with great ingredients.

My favorite things to order:
  • Oeufs Plats Jambon Formage Two eggs broiled with ham and gruyere 
I try to recreate at home the great dishes I come across at restaurants that I love. Luckily I found this recipe from Le Pichet's Blog and cannot wait to try it.
  • Grande Assiette Full sized plate with up to 5 items of your choice, or the Chef’s selection of 8 different items, served with cornichons. Always go with Chef's selection. 
  • Quiche Special Vegetarian or Spinach and Ham  
  • Rosé Light and Delicious; easily drinkable on warm sunny days
  • Pain et beurre Half baguette, butter, confiture Complimentary and a must have. The butter is amazing. 

LePichetSeattle-5 LePichetSeattle-15 LePichetSeattle-17LePichetSeattle-16 LePichetSeattle-4

1933 1st Avenue
 Seattle, Washington 98101

Monday, May 16, 2016

Seattle - Bainbridge Island Ferry

One gorgeous Saturday afternoon I found myself wanting to appreciate my city and the amazing weather we were having. I decided the best way to do so was to go on adventure where I can admire its beauty while enjoying the sun. I packed my Hasselblad and off to the ferry terminal I went.

One of the great things about living in the city is the ability to walk everywhere; I love being able to do so. I walked from downtown to the ferry terminal to catch the Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry. I think it's much easier to ride the ferry by foot.

After purchasing my ticket, I waited for the ferry, along with motorist and walk on passengers, by enjoying the view. The Puget Sound water stretches out as far as the eyes could see with the Washington Islands in the distance, the Olympic mountains to the right and wrapped along the side and behind me is the Seattle skyline. In the middle of Elliot Bay the ferry slowly makes its way towards us. Soon enough the ferry approaches and we all make our way to our designated entrances.

BainBridgeFerry_01 BainBridgeFerry_02 BainBridgeFerry_03 BainBridgeFerry_04

Once on the ferry the view is amazing! On a day this beautiful I don't bother going into the main cabin, instead I make my way up to the upper deck where there is plenty of seating and open space to photograph the city skyline. 

BainBridgeFerry_05 BainBridgeFerry_06 BainBridgeFerry_07 BainBridgeFerry_08 BainBridgeFerry_09

A double exposure on accident // Lately my Hasselblad has been getting jammed mid shutter. The last time this happened I wasn't able to remove the magazine back. I took it to Camera Techs. A very kind Technician was able to take it apart and put it back together within minutes. He also showed me how to remove the magazine back if it ever gets stuck again. After a quick assessment the gave me some feedback on my Hasselblad and sent me on my way. If you're looking to get your camera serviced in the Seattle / Ballard area, I highly recommend going to Camera Techs. 

While I was trying to capture a photograph of the water, I gently pressed the shutter and that's when I got it jammed. I realized I wasn't pressing my shutter hard enough. I inserted the metal slide back into the Hasselblad, removed the magazine back and then I was able to wind the camera fully through. This meant the film missed being advanced. I decided to photograph the deck over the photograph of the water. 

BainBridgeFerry_10 BainBridgeFerry_11 BainBridgeFerry_12

Things to do on Bainbridge Island // Walk over to downtown Bainbridge; this is about a 10 minute walk from the ferry terminal. Coffee is always first on my list. Stop by Blackbird Bakery for a cup of coffee and a pastry. Cross the street over to Cafe Nola and enjoy a Salmon sandwich with a glass of sparkling wine. Walk off the calories by going over next door to Salt House Mercantile; they have an amazing variety of home goods. Pick up some reading materials at Eagle Harbor Bookstore. Treat yourself to some dessert across the street at MORA Ice Cream

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Off Duty Details

I came across this blog post and it inspired me to dust off my Diana, load her up with some Kodak film and take her out for a night out around town. I forget how easy she can be: light as a feather, simple to shoot and extremely low maintenance; I can quickly toss her over my shoulder and off I go. If you've been following along on instagram, you'll notice I did this all of last week. While off duty I brought her along to capture details of my evenings. Last week was also the perfect week to do so; we had temperatures in the high 80's which meant lots of time spent outdoors walking around the city, dining out and drinking delicious summer drinks such as bubble tea!

OffDutyonDiana-7 OffDutyonDiana-3 OffDutyonDiana-5 OffDutyonDiana-1 OffDutyonDiana-4 OffDutyonDianapart2-6

Notes on Double Exposure

I love shooting double exposure on the Diana after this beautiful mistake. You aren't quite sure what you'll get which builds much anticipation while waiting to get your scans back from the lab.

A double exposure is exactly what it sounds like: exposing the same frame with two different images. The first image I consider the base or foundation, is shot on a setting lower than I would normally shoot (under-expose) to capture the shadows. I will make a mental note of the shadows for the next image and this is important because the shadows or darker areas of the first photo will allow details on the second image to come through; I will usually over-expose the second image.

My favorite photo is the following double exposure of me and the Seattle Great Wheel. My beau took the first photo me against a red brick wall and when we reached Victor Steinbrueck Park, I took the second photo of the Seattle Great Wheel over his image. When I showed him this photo, he said, 'this is a great representation of a girl in the city', (among other inappropriate observations I will not mention on here). 

OffDutyonDiana-8 OffDutyonDiana-9OffDutyonDiana-6 OffDutyonDianapart2-5OffDutyonDianapart2-4 OffDutyonDianapart2-9

Notes on *Camera Setting 

The Shutter Speed Switch located on the top of the Lens has two settings: "N" and "B". Use N mode when you are shooting in sunny conditions or switch the B mode when you are shooting indoors or in low light.

On the bottom of the Lens is the Aperture Setting. This controls how wide the shutter opens. There are four settings available. Three of them match the outdoor weather conditions: sun, partial clouds and full clouds. The fourth one, "P," is for pinhole shots.

My hands are not steady enough to shoot on bulb mode. Most of the photos I shot on bulb turned out blurry - not in the cool retro sort of way either - more as in, did a two year old get a hold of my camera? way. I think I will keep my shutter speed on Normal from now on. 

OffDutyonDianapart2-2 OffDutyonDianapart2-1 OffDutyonDianapart2-8

The more I spend time shooting the more I realize how natural it is for me to observe my surroundings or moments through photography. It makes me so happy to be able to roam around the city with my camera in hand. There is always that little voice inside me nudging me to pick up my camera. The more I listen to it, the stronger it gets and the stronger my ability to do only those things I love become. 

Developed and Scanned at Panda Lab

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Best Camera is the One You Have With You

In recent months I’ve lost the habit of continuously carrying my Pentax around. There are several reasons why but to sum it up, my priorities changed. I’ve been more focused on my day job than my daydreams. I go through these phases where I get really focused on one or the other but I hope to have some balance soon especially now that the weather is getting a lot nicer.

Without my Pentax with me, I’ve convinced myself to see this as a challenge: to use the camera I have with me, my iPhone. Over the weekend, my beau and I walked all over the city, 7.9 miles according to my Apple Health App. Typically I use my iPhone to snap details of things I may come across throughout my day that inspires me - a visual documentation to file away ideas for later. Using it to capture what my Pentax would was a little different. You realize things like the lens distortion, the control over the focus is different and the focal point of the lens at 28mm isn't what I prefer. But my end goal is to make images that tells a story or captures a moment in time and that shouldn't always depend on the type of camera I carry.

With that in mind, this past weekend I set out to capture images on my iPhone as I wandered around the city.

aSaturdayOniPhone-1-2       aSaturdayOniPhone-9aSaturdayOniPhone-3


Which reminded me of this quote by Jim Carrey, "Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful."
aSaturdayOniPhone-8     aSaturdayOniPhone-1-3aSaturdayOniPhone-13     aSaturdayOniPhone-7aSaturdayOniPhone-4aSaturdayOniPhone-11      aSaturdayOniPhone-10aSaturdayOniPhone-5      aSaturdayOniPhone-6aSaturdayOniPhone-14 

Brunch at The London Plane.
I could spend hours photographing the flowers and sometimes I give myself the pleasure of doing so.
A BIG Thank you to my Beau for his patience and ongoing support. He's the best creative partner I could ask for.


The Frye Art MuseumaSaturdayOniPhone-20aSaturdayOniPhone-21

In the back of the Frye is a gallery full of art collected by the founders, Charles and Emma Frye. It is one of my favorite place to visit on a Saturday. This painting is my all time favorite. I love the way lighting is used so strongly to illuminate areas drawing me to focus on. It's absolutely amazing in person! It inspires me to shoot my photos with this amount of detail on the light.

Views of Königssee, 1878
Dániel Somogyi (Hungarian, 1837-1892)
oil on canvas aSaturdayOniPhone-23aSaturdayOniPhone-24        aSaturdayOniPhone-25

In Seattle I can watch the light all year round (well, when the clouds decide to let the sun come out and play). In the winter the days are short and the sun seems to sit lower casting beautiful shadows all throughout the day. In the spring time the daylight begins to last longer letting us enjoy the light at our leisure.

Other random details  ... 


Enjoying a glass of champagne at Matt's in the Market

It's hard to avoid the market especially now that we have warmer weather (79 degrees this day) and tourist are at high but I don't mind the crowd so much. On a beautiful day like today we lucked out and got a seat with a view. 


Sal Floral Design

I'm really good at stopping to smell the roses, can you tell? Another one of my favorite floral boutiques I love to visit. The flower arranges vary each time I visit.

aSaturdayOniPhone-1 Retrofit Home in Capital Hill. 
A super cute furniture store stocked with fun and interesting pieces to decorate your home with.