Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thoughts on Fear

Fear of Flying-1

I sit tense in my crammed seat peering outside of my window not noticing the tight grip I have on my beau's hand. He gives my hand a squeeze, "It's okay," he assures me, "It's just a little turbulence." I easy up on my grip, smile back at him and take a deep breath as I try to relax.

Typically I am shutter happy hogging the window casting dancing shadows onto my beau however when it comes to turbulence, I fall silent observing the scenery outside my window while I feel my fear. I am uncomfortable with my lack of control but I am most afraid of my complete vulnerability. I have nowhere to run nowhere to hide leaving me with no choice but to face it: to feel my fear and overcome it. I take another deep breathe as I think of all the memories I've built with my beau through our travels, all the God created beauty of this earth I've been blessed to witness and all the sparkling cities which were once only fantasies in my mind I've gotten to experience.  I would have never gotten the opportunity to see this beautiful world had I latch onto this fear of mine.

Often times if we can get past this moment the rewards waiting for us are completely worth it!

... But first we must allow ourselves to face our fears.

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