Monday, April 20, 2015

Hawaii on Hasselblad

Hawaii on Hasselblad-5 Hawaii on Hasselblad-7 Hawaii on Hasselblad-10 Hawaii on Hasselblad-9 Hawaii on Hasselblad-6 Hawaii on Hasselblad-2 Hawaii on Hasselblad-1 Hawaii on Hasselblad-4 Hawaii on Hasselblad-8

In March, my beau and I took a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary. It's insane how in a blink of an eye, four years has gone by! I'll share more on the details of our trip but for now here's a roll of film I took on my new lover, my Hasselblad. It was gifted to me by my beau this past Christmas after years of lusting over this beauty and renting it at Glazer's to the point where the people knew my name and why I was calling. No shame in being in love around here!

We stayed at the beautiful Royal Hawaii on Waikiki and on this magnificent morning I walked around the hotel and beach with my Hasselblad and my thoughts. I wanted to capture the details of the moment; the sound of the calming ocean, the wind in the palm trees and the emptiness of the beach and hotel moments before tourists like myself absorbs it all.

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