Monday, May 16, 2016

Seattle - Bainbridge Island Ferry

One gorgeous Saturday afternoon I found myself wanting to appreciate my city and the amazing weather we were having. I decided the best way to do so was to go on adventure where I can admire its beauty while enjoying the sun. I packed my Hasselblad and off to the ferry terminal I went.

One of the great things about living in the city is the ability to walk everywhere; I love being able to do so. I walked from downtown to the ferry terminal to catch the Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry. I think it's much easier to ride the ferry by foot.

After purchasing my ticket, I waited for the ferry, along with motorist and walk on passengers, by enjoying the view. The Puget Sound water stretches out as far as the eyes could see with the Washington Islands in the distance, the Olympic mountains to the right and wrapped along the side and behind me is the Seattle skyline. In the middle of Elliot Bay the ferry slowly makes its way towards us. Soon enough the ferry approaches and we all make our way to our designated entrances.

BainBridgeFerry_01 BainBridgeFerry_02 BainBridgeFerry_03 BainBridgeFerry_04

Once on the ferry the view is amazing! On a day this beautiful I don't bother going into the main cabin, instead I make my way up to the upper deck where there is plenty of seating and open space to photograph the city skyline. 

BainBridgeFerry_05 BainBridgeFerry_06 BainBridgeFerry_07 BainBridgeFerry_08 BainBridgeFerry_09

A double exposure on accident // Lately my Hasselblad has been getting jammed mid shutter. The last time this happened I wasn't able to remove the magazine back. I took it to Camera Techs. A very kind Technician was able to take it apart and put it back together within minutes. He also showed me how to remove the magazine back if it ever gets stuck again. After a quick assessment, he gave me some feedback on my Hasselblad and sent me on my way at no charge. If you're looking to get your camera serviced in the Seattle / Ballard area, I highly recommend going to Camera Techs. 

While I was trying to capture a photograph of the water, I gently pressed the shutter and that's when I got it jammed. I realized I wasn't pressing my shutter hard enough. I inserted the metal slide back into the Hasselblad, removed the magazine back and then I was able to wind the camera fully through. This meant the film missed being advanced. I decided to photograph the deck over the photograph of the water. 

BainBridgeFerry_10 BainBridgeFerry_11 BainBridgeFerry_12

Things to do on Bainbridge Island // Walk over to downtown Bainbridge; this is about a 10 minute walk from the ferry terminal. Coffee is always first on my list. Stop by Blackbird Bakery for a cup of coffee and a pastry. Cross the street over to Cafe Nola and enjoy a Salmon sandwich with a glass of sparkling wine. Walk off the calories by going over next door to Salt House Mercantile; they have an amazing variety of home goods. Pick up some reading materials at Eagle Harbor Bookstore. Treat yourself to some dessert across the street at MORA Ice Cream

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