Friday, May 27, 2016

Great Company Over a Long Weekend

The past few days have been full of wanderlust after hearing from friends about their plans for the upcoming long weekend. As we approach the long weekend ahead, I'm reflecting back on the last trip I had. It was sometime in early April, my beau and I backed our overnight bags and jumped into our car embarking a 4 and 1/2 hour drive to join some friends in Walla Walla for some wine tasting. We had so much fun tasting from one winery to another with the weather being as perfect as it was and with the great company of our friends. Below are photographs and notes on our experience in Walla Walla.

_________________ STAY __________________

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-1 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-5 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-6 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-7 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-8 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-9

_________________ EAT __________________

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-2 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-32 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-33

* * * * * *

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-3 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-4

_________________ TASTE __________________

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-12 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-22 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-10 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-11

Amavi has amazing views of the mountains. Right below the winery is Waters; a must visit. 

* * * * * *

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-23 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-19 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-20WallaWallaFriendsWknd-18 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-21 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-28 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-25 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-24 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-26 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-27

* * * * * *

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-13 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-14 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-15 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-17

An adorable winery dog who followed me around thinking I had treats while his friends, who knew better, were resting unamused.

* * * * * *

Cayuse Vineyards 

WallaWallaFriendsWknd-29 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-30 WallaWallaFriendsWknd-31

All images shot on Kodak Tri-X 400 film. 
Developed and scanned at Panda Lab. 

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