Thursday, June 4, 2015

Volunteer Park Conservatory

This place is a hidden gem tucked in Capital Hill. I first heard of it through another blog, endlessly enraptured which now that I think of it; my ambiguous amount of time spent browsing through photography blogs can now be classified as research! The first time I was there my Pentax decided to crap out and freeze mid shutter. I spent most of my time on a bench trying to resuscitate it with no luck. I was so overwhelmed with sadness so let's just say that wasn't a great first experience. Thankfully my Pentax is alive and well today because of the kind people at Ballard Tech. Ever since then, I have been patiently waiting to go back with my camera. 

The conservatory has five rooms: palm house, fern house, bromeliad house, seasonal display house and the catus house. My favorite is the cactus house because it's so cool! I mean when do I ever get to see cactuses living in the Pacific Northwest?

During my visit I shot a whole roll of film however after looking through my scans only three were satisfactory. It's important to critique your own work and be critical otherwise how else will you grow, right?  I was there midday when the sun was high and harsh. The foggy glass panels in the fern room served as a nice light diffuser. I love the way one particular photo turned out because of that.

So here are my top three...
volunteer conservatory park-1 volunteer conservatory park-3 volunteer conservatory park-2

1400 East Galer Street
Seattle, Washington 98112

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