Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Palace of Versailles

Digging through my photos from Europe made me so happy especially after finding these scans of my little self-portrait project I did while at the Palace of Versailles. Oh man, that place is so so beautiful!!! (That extra so is no typo).

My beau and I had brunch in Paris prior to hopping on a train to Versailles. It was super easy to do and from the train station, it was an easy walk to Versailles. We arrived around noon and felt like we were already late given there were a ton of people everywhere. Getting inside required standing in two lines: a ticket line and an entry line. I’d have to say my beau and I make the best traveling partners; while he waited in line to buy tickets I waited in the entry line and once he got our tickets we were steps away from the entrance killing two birds with one stone and making the couple behind us very jealous of our strategic planning. High five babe!

The palace and garden of Versailles is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Being there felt like a dream. Inside the palace there were gold covered trimmings almost on everything, meticulous paintings on the ceilings and the chandeliers inside the Hall of Mirrors are astonishing! Like so many others, the Hall of Mirrors was my favorite room and is significant to history. In this room is where the Treaty of Versailles was signed to end World War I. Yes, I am a nerd and love to learn the history behind things when I travel. I think it brings more life and meaning into the place.

With my traveling companion, my Pentax I walked around the Palace of Versailles lost in my thoughts, absorbing the information I was learning as I roamed through each room and sneaking photos of my own reflection…

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Palace of Versailles // September 2014 
Kodak Porta 400. Developed and scanned at RPL.

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