Monday, June 1, 2015

Thought Download


Whenever I can't focus on a task at hand I do what's called a thought download. Basically a thought download is writing down everything you're currently thinking of that is occupying your brain and thus taking you away from much more important tasks such as analyzing data on spreadsheets (I know, my life is SO fun). I usually do this every few days. Let's just say I get distracted A LOT! So here we go...

- First, can you make out what's behind that bokeh? It's the skyline of Seattle from Kerry Park, my favorite place to hang out with a good book and people watch.
- Many times I've watched the Game of Thrones hiding underneath my beau's armpit with a blanket and one eye closed. It just occurred to me last night that I may not be mature enough to watch that show.
- Speaking of my beau, I have an obsession with 90's R&B and I love spitting (not literally but in a Urban Dictionary kind of way), lines at him as a way of flirting.
- Oh! That reminds me, last Valentine's Day instead of a card I sent him a singing telegram by yours truly and sung / rapped him the entire song of "Shorty Swing My Way". He was impressed to say the least. :)
- I am a creature of habit indeed. I went to Gourmondo's Cafe for lunch four days in a row and ordered the exact same thing. Now if I can just apply that sort of dedication to my workout routine.
- Remember that goal I had to learn calligraphy? Well, my wish was granted. Between my sister and friend's wedding invitations, I hand wrote 120 wedding invitation envelops. The only thing I call successful about that is coming out of it with no carpal tunnel.
- I've been reading a lot of books on the Art of X (insert anything you can think of) and I just thought of my own book to write, The Art of Doing Nothing. First tip, put this book down and go take a nap. Second tip, why are you still reading this book? Yup, I see a New York Time's Best Seller potential here.
- During Memorial Day weekend my beau and I had plans to leave town but last minute decided to cancel and do our first ever staycation. We turned off our phones and didn't tell anyone we didn't leave town. I highly recommend doing this but be ready to lose some friends if they ever find out you skipped out on their BBQ. Don't say I didn't warn you...

And that's enough confessions and random gibberish from me.

Goodnight internet.

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