Thursday, June 20, 2013

Looking Back on My Journey As a Photographer

Although it seems like so long ago it's only been about nine months since I first picked up my film camera. This led me to thinking a lot about my journey as a photographer. My first love was fashion and since I could remember I always wanted to be a fashion designer. During college I took on an internship that allowed me to attend fashion shows. In order for me to document my experiences I used my little point and shoot camera. Eventually I grew frustrated with the image quality and as a graduation gift to myself I purchased my first DSLR. From that point on my love for photography grew and I tried to learn as much as I could about it. Shortly after I was made the luckiest girl when I became a freelance photographer shooting along side the other photographers at these fashion events that I had been attending. That was four years ago. After years of completing shot lists, double triple checking my camera settings, clicking my shutter button four times just to make sure I got my shot, etc...  this past year I was feeling a little jaded. Somehow photography just didn't feel as fun as it used to and I forgot how excited it used to make me feel... so I took a little break from freelancing and picked up my film camera. As time passed, I wanted to touch my digital camera less and less and my simple SLR became my camera of choice. I love the simplicity of my SLR. It takes away all the noise and I can just focus on my vision.  

Lately I've been debating if I should get back into photographing freelance / commercial work or if I should deepen my love for photography and work on expressing my vision on film. After weeks of debating about this in my head I've decided to be very selective of the freelance work I take on so I can continue to photograph just for love...

to be continued... 

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