Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To the Market

Sometimes you get lucky and find someone who doesn't mind tagging along with you to the market (and waiting patiently for you to take photos of everything). For as long as I've lived in the city, going the market on Saturday mornings is one of my favorite things to do. I love having fresh flowers in the apartment... a new bottle of wine to try... or being able to enjoy in season fruits. 

These photos are from this past weekend's trip to the market with my beau. Knowing how much I loved and wanted peonies, he beat me to buying them because I was too busy taking photos (as you can tell I caught a perfect picture of him buying me flowers)! 


I was also excited to put to use my new bag my baby sister, Mailee gifted me. This Tiffany blue bag had the softest leather handles and was so perfect for the market. It fit my flowers, wine and fruits perfectly and it didn't feel heavy at all. Also, I almost forgot to mention I chopped off over a foot of hair! Thanks to Mailee. I love it and I have no regrets! 

All images taken on Kodak Gold 400 film.


  1. omgosh youa I loveeeee love your hair I love the length it's so beautiful on you.. do you curl it like that or is it a digital perm?? I've been thinking about getting a digital perm.. but i'm scared hahaha.. I think i'm literally going over the deep end with my hair lately hahaha!

    1. thanks, Lisa! i used a curling iron to get the curls in my hair. it's really simple esp now that i have a third of the hair i used to have! ;) i love your new hair cut too.