Wednesday, September 26, 2012

San Francisco

We were walking back from the Coit Tower when I turned to my beau with my epiphany, 'the crowded homes surrounded by the blue gray-ish water reminds me of Greece!' By the look on his face I can tell he wasn't on the same page. 'And how many times you've been to Greece again?' Ohhh... can you hear that sarcasm in his voice? Ok, so I've never been to Greece but I've seen many photos from my dear friend, Google thank you very much!
As I am sitting here looking through my pictures a month later much of San Francisco feels like home to me because of how similar it was to Seattle... and yes, I now realize my epiphany may not be... much of an epiphany at all but I still love San Fransisco and hope we can return to explore some more someday soon.


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  2. That is an interesting thought. I was just back home in San Francisco last weekend. I will have to remember it when I travel to Greece in the next few years.

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