Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Beauty Looks To Try

One of the many great things about having sisters is the ability to play dress up! I remember growing up my sisters and I would sit around the house and spend hours playing with make-up and dressing up just for the fun of it. Let’s just say we all had big imaginations!

A few weeks ago when I purchased my Pentax K1000 I was really excited to test it out. I text my baby sister Mailee asking her to put together a few fall beauty looks for a quick photoshoot that day and when I showed up to her house she literally took 5 minutes to pull each look together. What a pro right? Those days of playing dress up totally paid off! ;)

Here are Mailee's three beauty looks she will be wearing this fall…  

One. Light smoky eyes and nude lip.
  Two. The bright red lip. 

Three. Big hair.
All the above images were shot with my Pentax on Fuji film. I love the grain on film. The last two photos really set the mood for the dark fall look we were going for. Here are two digital photos to compare the two formats.
Isn't Mailee so gorgeous...?


  1. Wow... Nice love!! Makes me think of the end of mag spread in Elle magazine. Lovely and beautiful. I do see the pixelation from the film that you referenced in your comments. PS: Yes Mailee is more than gorgeous. She's an absolute beauty for sure. :D

  2. Gorgeous look!! Definitely looks like photos out of a magazine! I'm liking the voluminousness hair! :)

    Just wanted to say 'hi' from a fellow Seattleite!

    xo - Sheila

  3. I love your hair. So adorable ....


  4. great pics!

  5. These pictures are stunning girl!
    We should follow each other :)

  6. gorgeous!! and i love the beauty looks she'll be working this work hehe :)

    aww i'm so excited for you! happy early 2 years :p i've never been but my husband has been to NZ a couple of times and said it's amazing!!! have a fabulous trip i hope to see pictures on your blog hehehe :p