Thursday, March 19, 2015

Midnight Flower Studies

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Post production is my least favorite part of the photography workflow which is also my primary excuse for not blogging as much as I would like. When I shoot, I usually don't have the end in mind. I just shoot what I see and feel within the moment. These roses were taken awhile back. I picked them apart to photograph right before I was going to throw them out. They were bright orange, vibrant and lush. I used the cushion to my leather couch as a backdrop (hey, you gotta get creative with what you've got right?). At the time I wanted to capture those details that made up how bright and beautiful these rose were but once I was in post production I couldn't do it justice so I dismissed them completely.

I was cleaning up my files tonight when I found them. I still think the way I tried editing them before wasn't the best so I started playing with it again. Now I think I have it down to a look that feels more... me. Of course the goal would be to work towards being able to execute my vision from the beginning to end... but what if that vision changes? It took me awhile to find what felt right, what felt like me and I guess that's why they say, 'it's the journey that counts.'

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