Saturday, March 28, 2015



  • - This picture pretty much sums up what I've been up to: playing maid of honor and bridesmaid for Jodie and Mailee's wedding. 
  • - In between that I'm squeezing in hot yoga, spending time with my beau, looking for bridesmaid dresses and some blogging. Yay! Notice my consistency this week with blogging. ;) 
  • - Oh speaking of hot yoga, I desperately need a cut and color but I'm holding off because I hate having my hair too short to put up while I'm sweating. Is that TMI?
  • - Quarter end has been tough for me at work as I'm leading many projects but I'm powering through it. 
  • - I'm anxiously waiting my for my Hawaii scans to come back from the lab. The suspense is killing me! 
  • - Which reminds me, if you've been following my instagram you'll noticed I just got back from a nice long vacay with lots of r&r! 

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