Monday, February 25, 2013

the Walrus and the Carpenter

It was 40 minutes prior to opening and two couples were in line outside of the Walrus and the Carpenter restaurant. Could it be that Anthony Bourdain really up the ante on this place when he featured it in his show a few weeks ago? I wasn't sure as it was my first time here. Unwilling to wait in line for 40 minutes I bribed the beau for some coffee at Café Fiore our favorite coffee shop just a few blocks away. When we returned 15 minutes later the line was wrapped around the corner and 10 minutes prior to opening, the line was through the hallway and out the door. However,we did get in fairly quickly after the doors opened.

I’m not a big seafood person so this place was not a good fit for someone like me but the beau did enjoy himself with some oysters, steak tartar and cured fish while I nibbled on my salad. I did try my very first oyster ever and couldn’t bring myself to like it. There’s just something about the texture that makes me want to barf so for the night I played the girl on a date who orders only a salad and picks at it throughout dinner, something I’ve never tried doing before and I tell ya I’m certainly not cut out for it. The salad was delicious but after dinner I ended up at whole foods eating a burrito bowl. Next time, the beau will have to go with friends who will appreciate the food.
photos taken on iPhone 5

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