Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Seattle Great Wheel

I have been patiently waiting the past six months for the perfect day to test ride the Seattle Great Wheel. The perfect day for me would include no crowds, no lines, no rain and such day did exist - Superbowl Sunday. The city was a ghost town as we walked through the market and down to the pier. To my liking, there were absolutely no lines or crowd, only a handful of couples who probably had the same idea as us. As I climbed into our little private cable car, I begin to realize what I was about to do - go a hundred feet high on a rocky cable car when I am terrified of heights! Once we were settled into our cable car, the operator kindly informed us that if we weren't enjoying ourselves we could press the emergency button and he would stop for us. On the way up I almost had to push the emergency button once five times. No soothing words from the beau was going to help me. However, once we made our way to the top, the beauty of the city made me face my fears and my selfish love for photographs saved me. I can't remember if it was the sound of the loud shutter or having to concentrate on manually focusing my lens but with every press of the shutter button and winding of my film I felt a little braver... 

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