Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Road Trip

A couple of weekends ago I convinced my beau to go on a long road trip to Oregon. As part of the transportation special, I promised I'd drive throughout the entire trip with my cute little car. Let's just say three hours into our road trip I grew tired and cranky... just like the two year old we don't have. Girlfriend fail. I learned quickly after sitting in the passenger side at the gas station that it was much more fun to be the story teller, trivia reader and karaoke host than it was to concentrate on directions and... well, the road. ;)

Here's what our road trip consisted of...

While we wait two hours to try Pok Pok a super delish Thai restaurant in southeast Portland, we hung out across the street and enjoyed a few drinks with food truck goodies and a live band.

We stayed at our favorite hotel in Portland - the Nines. I love the decor and couldn't resist snapping some pictures of the details in our room and the lobby. That evening we had drinks at the Sky Bar on the top floor and the following morning we had brunch at Urban Farmer in the main lobby.

We stopped by Stumptown for some coffee before our long drive to Cannon Beach.

You can always associate Cannon Beach with the Haystack Rock. Every time I've seen it there's always been a low cloud of fog around it... even on this gorgeous day.
After spending a day in Cannon Beach, we drove 4 hours back home... well, my beau did. I can still remember how antsy I felt in the car and although it was such a fun trip, I don't think I will be taking a long road trip in a long time.


  1. awww love how romantical!!! that hotel is GORGEOUS what a nice and relaxing get away youa :p

  2. Oh too bad you didn't stop by to say hello.