Friday, October 19, 2012

Finding Inspiration

Lately the only two things that excite me are the presidential debate and my imaginary crock pot. Yes, you read that right, a crock pot. The presidential debate is understandable but my obsession with a crock pot... not so much. It all started on Tuesday when I was getting tired of eating out too much. I missed having home cooked meals so the thought of a crock pot popped in my head. Since then I've built a list of recipes in my head to try with my nonexistent crock pot. I've been dreaming of all the delicious foods that will greet me after a long day of work. When I informed my beau of my grand plan, his facial expression said it all... I've lost it! So this means one thing to me... I am lacking inspiration. I spent the rest of the week trying to find inspiration. I started by going to my favorite bookstore, reading my favorite blogs and then as I was looking through my photos I remember these photos I took back in August for the opening at Wing Luke Museum. The exhibit is called Fashion: Workroom to Runway which showcases Asian Americans who's made an impact on the fashion industry. At that time, I was also going through a rut and decided to visit this exhibit to spark some inspiration. This is what inspired me...
What do you do when you're lacking inspiration?

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