Monday, October 8, 2012


If there was a perfect way to meet my BFF this would have been it. I was shooting a fashion show at the Braven in Bellevue when I met Blake through a mutual friend. With her hair pin up in a big bun and dressed all posh in black she had sauve that would make any girl want to be her BFF. Needless to say we became instant friends and Blake invited me to a fashion show she was going to the following day. That next day we met up, had brunch, attended the fashion show, had another meal, watch a movie and went to happy hour. We ended up spending that entire day together. Our friendship developed quickly and naturally... I think a lot of it had to do with our love for fashion, food, champagne and girl time. When we were together we had the best time ever, we laughed a lot, dressed up for every occasion and loved exploring the city. Sadly about two years ago Blake moved back to South Cali and I've missed her dearly...

This past weekend Blake was in town visiting. We recapped how we met to my beau and the funny thing was we both went straight to the most important part - what we were wearing. We were so excited as we tried to recall all the details of our outfits that day. We spent most of the weekend reliving our good old days and I'm still paying for our late nights but it was so worth it.

Do you have a Blake in your life?

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