Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Best Camera is the One You Have With You

In recent months I’ve lost the habit of continuously carrying my Pentax around. There are several reasons why but to sum it up, my priorities changed. I’ve been more focused on my day job than my daydreams. I go through these phases where I get really focused on one or the other but I hope to have some balance soon especially now that the weather is getting a lot nicer.

Without my Pentax with me, I’ve convinced myself to see this as a challenge: to use the camera I have with me, my iPhone. Over the weekend, my beau and I walked all over the city, 7.9 miles according to my Apple Health App. Typically I use my iPhone to snap details of things I may come across throughout my day that inspires me - a visual documentation to file away ideas for later. Using it to capture what my Pentax would was a little different. You realize things like the lens distortion, the control over the focus is different and the focal point of the lens at 28mm isn't what I prefer. But my end goal is to make images that tells a story or captures a moment in time and that shouldn't always depend on the type of camera I carry.

With that in mind, this past weekend I set out to capture images on my iPhone as I wandered around the city.

aSaturdayOniPhone-1-2       aSaturdayOniPhone-9aSaturdayOniPhone-3


Which reminded me of this quote by Jim Carrey, "Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful."
aSaturdayOniPhone-8     aSaturdayOniPhone-1-3aSaturdayOniPhone-13     aSaturdayOniPhone-7aSaturdayOniPhone-4aSaturdayOniPhone-11      aSaturdayOniPhone-10aSaturdayOniPhone-5      aSaturdayOniPhone-6aSaturdayOniPhone-14 

Brunch at The London Plane.
I could spend hours photographing the flowers and sometimes I give myself the pleasure of doing so.
A BIG Thank you to my Beau for his patience and ongoing support. He's the best creative partner I could ask for.


The Frye Art MuseumaSaturdayOniPhone-20aSaturdayOniPhone-21

In the back of the Frye is a gallery full of art collected by the founders, Charles and Emma Frye. It is one of my favorite place to visit on a Saturday. This painting is my all time favorite. I love the way lighting is used so strongly to illuminate areas drawing me to focus on. It's absolutely amazing in person! It inspires me to shoot my photos with this amount of detail on the light.

Views of Königssee, 1878
Dániel Somogyi (Hungarian, 1837-1892)
oil on canvas aSaturdayOniPhone-23aSaturdayOniPhone-24        aSaturdayOniPhone-25

In Seattle I can watch the light all year round (well, when the clouds decide to let the sun come out and play). In the winter the days are short and the sun seems to sit lower casting beautiful shadows all throughout the day. In the spring time the daylight begins to last longer letting us enjoy the light at our leisure.

Other random details  ... 


Enjoying a glass of champagne at Matt's in the Market

It's hard to avoid the market especially now that we have warmer weather (79 degrees this day) and tourist are at high but I don't mind the crowd so much. On a beautiful day like today we lucked out and got a seat with a view. 


Sal Floral Design

I'm really good at stopping to smell the roses, can you tell? Another one of my favorite floral boutiques I love to visit. The flower arranges vary each time I visit.

aSaturdayOniPhone-1 Retrofit Home in Capital Hill. 
A super cute furniture store stocked with fun and interesting pieces to decorate your home with. 

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