Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello 2014... and Some Super Late Christmas Photos

Hello 2014! How did you get here so fast! 

My mom used to tell me the older I get the quicker time will fly and I use to think she was just being silly but mothers know best! Time really is flying by in a blink of an eye. I still haven't shared all my photos from my Asia trip yet which feels so long ago; however, the belated ones I am sharing today are of my beautiful city, Seattle during this past holiday. 

We had returned home from our Asia trip right before Thanksgiving therefore I feel like I haven't had a chance to breathe since the holidays kicked in and given that Thanksgiving was late, Christmas arrived before I even knew it. It also didn't help that work had been so crazy busy. 

So as I was leaving the office a little after 6pm on Christmas Eve, I was feeling sad thinking about how quickly this year had gone by. Once I got home it quickly down spiraled as I realized I didn't  get to put my tree up or do any of my Christmas favorites. Feeling pathetic, I forced myself out of the pity party and decided to take a walk around the city. If I didn't have a tree, I'm sure I can find one to compensate and I did, plenty of beautiful ones. 

I don't want to start off the year being super whiny (and a Debbie Downer) but I do want to say that this year is for making time for all the things that matter. 

Happy New Year! xo

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  1. Yes time for what matters most. That is an extremely important goal and mindset. :)

    PS: I agree, the holidays flew by. I'm not sure if they even happened. Feels like it was a dream I just woke up from.