Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Day In Hong Kong

One of the things I love about photography is its ability to help me remember (I have the worst memory ever). As I look through these photos I remember how I felt walking around Hong Kong, what I felt the moment I pressed the shutter button, and what I did and saw that particular day. When in a new city I spend at least one day capturing my surroundings throughout my day. On this particular day, my beau and I were headed to the Peak to get a full view of the city. We started our day in Mongkok where we stayed, made our way to the waterfront and eventually to the Peak. There's so much old and new in Hong Kong. This is something I noticed while there and you can see some of that throughout these photos as we walking around... 

Hong Kong | November 2013


  1. What a pretty city! I'm excited to visit there one day. So many skyscrapers with gorgeous views. :)