Monday, March 18, 2013

Vancouver, BC

I am a very spontaneous person and I count myself bless to have someone who can easily adapt to this as I can imagine it could drive some people crazy. Spur of the moment, my beau and I took romantic getaway to Vancouver, B.C. this past weekend. The planning all started over dinner last Thursday night when we thought of how we’d like to spend our weekend. At the end of dinner, we agreed to the location and logistics. That night he booked our hotel, we packed and the next day we were on our way.

Although a bit cold, something beautiful about Vancouver during this time of the year is how blue the snow covered mountains are. Also, the sun doesn’t set until after 7:30pm and there is something so magical about the golden hour. I think Seattle has a lot of similarities to Vancouver; however, I don’t think about these things when I’m home. It could be that I’m just a sponge when in other cities.

While in Vancouver we stayed at the beautiful Shangri-La. We ate at Zakkushi and had the best yakatori ever, Zabu Chicken for some delicious KFC (koren fried chicken), and Kirin for fresh and authentic dim sum. We shopped on Robson street and had drinks at Xi Shi Lounge. We had a few romantic but cold walks - one around the Vancouver pier and the second at Spanish Banks Beach which had a beautiful view of the city skyline and mountains. These photos were captured during our walks…

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