Friday, March 1, 2013

5 Attempts to Beating the Winter Blues

It’s been a little over a month since my sunshine sabbatical and I am starting to have a case of the winter blues. As much as I love living in Seattle, the winters can be really harsh with cold  rainy short days following cold rainy long nights. I've always tried taking a warm vacation in the middle of winter but sometimes spring just doesn't come fast enough and I find myself identifying with the depression drug commercials you see during daytime television (joking but not really). Thankfully my wake up call is never too far away. Here are five things I did this week to try and beat my winter blues... 
One: Booked a trip to somewhere warm. My sisters and I just booked our trip to California for seven days. Just thinking of the beach, sunshine and fun times with my sisters makes me instantly happy. I know paradise isn't too far of a reach.
Two: Called a friend who I knew was much happier than me. One of my girlfriends is engaged and so over the moon happy. Nothing can bring this girl down which is so awesome. I love talking to her because she’s just beaming with positive energy. That kind of happiness is infectious!
Three: Did something nice for someone I love. This is my favorite thing to do regardless of the season or reason. I love doing things for the people I love. My beau is a wonderful artist but he doesn't get to practice enough due to other obligations so I signed him up for a class which will give him dedicated time to do so. 
Four: Took care of myself. I read a quote on pinterest that made me LOL but it really stuck with me – ‘I really regret that run.’ – Said no one ever! When I’m feeling down the last thing I want to do is go for a run but once I make myself do it, I immediately feel better. I also tried to go to bed early and get lots of sleep.
Five: Do something I love. I started working on my floral pants / skirt and it’s amazing how changing directions and focusing on something you have a real passion for can change your entire mood.  
… and this one especially got me through the week - watching this Taylor Swift goat video with my cute 4-year-old nephew who couldn’t stop laughing and imitating the goat.

Happy Weekend! 


  1. Fun post! Hahah I love that quote!! Jealous of your Cali trip!


    1. Definitely just pinned like 10 of your quotes on pinterest! lol


  2. Those have got to be the most fabulous ways to beat the winter blues! The trip to California sounds perfect!