Thursday, December 6, 2012

Something Blue

There is something so special about getting a gift in that little blue box. I remember the first time I gave one to my little sister as a graduation present. As soon as she saw the sweet little box wrapped up in that delicious white bow her eyes grew big, she gasp and looked at me as if it couldn't be true. Sort of in the same way I did on my birthday when my true love gave to me my very own little blue box. Inside was an exquisite Tiffany lock pendant on a chain. I don't think I took that necklace off for months! 
Isn't there something about that little blue box?


  1. i love this so cute!! did you know i use to work for tiffanys :) it literally is a girls dream come true hehe :)!!

    1. Lisa, that's awesome! Yes, what a dream come true for any girl. LOL.