Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Weekend in Walla Walla

My beau and I average two trips per year to Walla Walla for the past (almost five) years we've been together and it's usually to attend a wine release party which means time to stock up on some good wine! For this occasion, we attended Rasa's fall release; the 2007 QED blend is by far my favorite of theirs. We decided to make it an extra special romantic getaway by taking a day off work extending the weekend and staying at our first ever bed and breakfast. After reading all the glowing 5 star reviews online we landed on Cameo Heights, a secluded charming house on a hill surrounded by orchids and vineyards. I'm happy to report that it did live up to all the hype.

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Romantic to us is dedicated time with each other running away from daily responsibilities, brainstorming the art we'll create (me photography, him paintings) and appreciating each other's fun personalities outside of chores and routines! Romantic right?!

On our wine trips I am always the driver and my beau the taster which usually makes those pouring him wine feel extremely bad for me. What they don't realize is he will bring home only the good stuff for me to enjoy. I see it as a win-win situation! 

The wineries we visited on this trip:

Waterbrook // always our first stop when we reach Walla Walla 
Rasa // for the wine release party
Foundry // art and wine, the best of both worlds! 
Tamarack // to stock the wine frig with ready to drink / drinkable wine
Charles Smith // leave the car at the hotel and walk to this open and full of natural light tasting room to enjoy charcuterie and a glass of wine
Corvus // cork and seal your own wine here

WallaWalla-13 WallaWalla-17 WallaWalla-18 WallaWalla-1-2

Recently I purchased a 35mm lens off of eBay for my Pentax and this was my first time putting it to use. After two years of shooting with a 50mm lens I finally caved in and bought another lens. I realized all my photos looked too cropped for my liking. My iPhone photos feel too far and the 50mm too close making the 35mm the perfect focal length for me. It truly is how my eyes see the world which reminds me of this quote by Robert Car, 'If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough.' My problem was just the opposite!


Although we loved the bed and breakfast, we found it a little far from the places we frequent so on our second night we went back to our usual, the Marcus Whitman Hotel. When you find yourself waiting 40 minutes for brunch like we did, I suggest going to the Maple Counter Waffle Company for some delicious chicken and waffles with a cup of great drip coffee. It was by luck we found this gem and there was absolutely no lines!

WallaWalla-3 WallaWalla-7 WallaWalla-2 WallaWalla-1

Walla Walla // November 2015
Kodak Tri-x // Developed and Scanned at Photovision

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