Monday, November 25, 2013

Hong Kong

After a week of recovering from jet lag I am finally ready to share my adventures in Asia. The first stop on the list was Hong Kong. To my surprise I suffered the worst jet lag ever. Sadly it helped me waste away a whole day to sleep and the first few nights were non-existent as I crawled into bed at 6pm. Waking up at 4am was also sad because most places opened at 11am (I learned the hard way) and as time went by I quickly learned how to live like what Wikipedia calls a 'Hong Konger'. 


For an early morning snack we found a bakery kitty corner to our hotel that made delicious pineapple buns and sold canned coffee which we happily indulged in the mornings before beginning our adventures for the day. For breakfast, I ate the best dumplings and dimsum I've ever had and learned I had to waive down my server every time I needed something.  To get around we learned how to use the MTR and power walk through the stations like locals. I never thought I'd say this but there is so much shopping in Hong Kong it's overwhelming. To get a real feel for how big this city really is we took a tram up Victoria Peak to get a full view. The scenery is so beautiful it feels like a dream. We spent many afternoons celebrating and drinking bubbles. During the evenings we'd take a walk and stumble through the night market or we'd walk around the harbor and watch the laser show from the IFC building. Prior to leaving Hong Kong we spent an afternoon getting our sore feet massaged. It was the perfect way to end our stay in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong | November 2013


  1. You're pictures are always so gorgeous. I love them. It certainly looks like you enjoyed your trip to Hong Kong. I'm surprised they would have that much shopping in 1 city.

  2. hello doll!! aww i love your hong kong pics!! :) i hope you and your beau had a wonderful time in asia!! :) hope to see more pics :)!!