Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Day in NYC

My beau and I took a red-eye flight to NYC and once we landed we were operating on roughly two hours of sleep. I thought for sure I'd be tired and needed more sleep once we reached our hotel; however, to my surprise I was alert and wide awake. Once we were in Midtown my mind was trying to absorb everything around me: working men and women rushing to the office, taxis speeding their way to the next open lane, cafes filled with people trying to get a cup of coffee and then there were those just like us trying to get a taste of the city strolling through the hustle and bustle (still hesitant to j walk) with fresh new eyes on the city. The energy in New York is like no other. I felt so physically small standing in the middle of it all but so alive by the energy I was being fed in this city. I was happy to be there and ready to embark on an adventure that I was hoping would bring much inspiration and drive.

More photos and stories on New York City to follow but for now, a day in NYC through my simple 35mm camera...

 love, youa
love, youa love, youa love, youa love, youa love, youa love, youa

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